1. another shot of the French MILF in all her glory showing that sweet Mommy pussy, and “yes” this photo, like the others, was taken by her son (and not a stepson, her real son). ultimately the two have never engaged in any form of sex but she is an exhibitionist and enjoys fucking in front of him and he is a voyeur who likes watching her get fucked.

  2. I’d just come back from tennis horny and sweaty

    My son just got home from school feeling the same

    Before his fat-ass of a father comes home and I have to make the slob his dinner

    Junior and I sneak in a torrid fuck in the kitchen

    It’s a recipe I enjoy more cooking up

    And feeling my son’s seed sloshing in my womb as I sit at table

    When his father blabbers about his day a couple hours later

    Is the ultimate reward and “FUCK YOU!” to that balding, beer-gutted loser!

  3. another photo of Frrench MILF Michèle as taken by her teenage SON!

  4. I was determined to coax my son’s teeming, teenage sperm he had brewing in his heavy, flopping balls….nothing can stop a horny, hormonal 34 year-old mom who wants another baby shot up her fertile womb!

    Yeah son, do the job your daddy isn’t man enough to do! UNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHH!!!!

  5. here’s a highly erotic photo sent in by a follower. it’s his (then) girlfriend sucking his cock, but what makes the photo truly remarkable is that it was TAKEN BY THE WOMAN’S NINETEEN YEAR OLD SON. you may remember some of his submissions i’ve posted in the past.

  6. that’s right guys, she exists.

    thanks to the illustrator and original uploaders, and dream mom Kelly Hart.

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  8. biggerthandad:

    The third night was hazy delirium and Mom and I trying to transgress every rule of the sex laws, an unspoken need to ensure we were good and tainted all over. My body moved and untangled in ways it had never done before as we mechanically and clumsily experimented our way through every position. We wanted to get it all out of the way so that proper ownership could be established. Among other firsts, it was the first time Mom swallowed my cum straight from my spout, a habit we’d both come to cherish in the days ahead, nearing a true addiction. It was also the first night I pulled her hair and spanked her ass. (The following day I would come to discover for the first time the phenomenon of petichia, which she calmly informed me in her bimbo way, is nothing more than broken blood vessels I caused by spanking ass. She’s since rubbed shea butter on those exquisite assglobes

    It was around 3 A.M. and we had been fucking for more than an hour when my Mom adorably offered up another first: a titty-fuck. (I’ll have to wax rhapsodic about that in another post). I had already nutted twice, with my first load still simmering in her gut and the second one sprayed all over her back, which I made sure to rub in for her until it was fully absorbed and she wasn’t even sticky. 

    It’s also worth mentioning that my Mom was dead-tired by now, having cum around my cock more times that she could count, and that we were burning the last of our reserves in rote, mechanical fashion until I’d had my fill. She didn’t want to be the first to let up. She never does, God bless her. She also had a look of girly uncertainty and low self-esteem, a look I’d come to see many times again when she thought it was somehow her fault that I had been pounding her for an hour without cumming. Believe it or not, and it’s still embarrassing for a specimen of my size and caliber, my average first ejaculation of the night with Mom happens within 5-10 minutes. Like a virgin. It’s after my first heavy load is out that I can fuck like a breeding bull for hours, as my Mom’s swollen pussy can attest. But she seems to think that if I haven’t cum it’s because that there’s something unattractive about her or she’s doing the wrong things, so that’s when her cum-bucket disposition kicks in and I get to use her in all sorts of nasty ways to cum. By now I keep both my hands on her head when she’s blowing me, and I’ve managed to make my skull-fucks loving enough for constant repeats. 

    But that night it was all still new territory to claim and conquer. She hefted those divine mammaries around my cock until I was sandwiched between. She had taken out a bottle of baby oil, that was placed suspiciously too close to the action to look like a coincidence, and she had lovingly squirted all over my cock and let it leak down her cleavage in puddles. 

    I rested my hands on her shoulders for support and began to thrust through her greasy tit-flesh. After the feeling of Mom’s trachea clamping down on my cock with every gulp of my cum, it was easily the most amazing thing my glans had ever felt. I didn’t want it to end. To my Mom’s amusement (and low maternal self-esteem) I had been fucking those rippling jugs of comfort and joy for a half hour. She began goading me on to cum, but the more she tried, the more I resisted, the more I wanted to keep enjoying this carnival ride in titty-heaven.

    She then suddenly perked up and yelled out like all eureka, I shit you not: "I KNOW! COME ON MY FACE!"……..


    I started designing the MOTHERLOAD formula months ago, and sensing that my promised coupling with Mom was coming down to the wire, started taking it religiously. The day my parents sat me down to tell me they were divorcing, I took a double dosage…and came five times that night thinking what I was going to do to Mom after Dad hauled his fat-ass out the door, never to return. 

    My balls naturally produce more sperm than average. I have enormously high natural T-levels, and many sluts (Mom now among them) have confused by PRECUM with my actual come. Taking this formula on top of it is COOKING WITH GAS. Maybe because it’s my Mom, I’ve never felt my creamy strands as thick and long and potent as I have over the last few weeks. This formula was responsible for “the pregnancy scare” of the first day. (It’s not really a “scare” when you jit inside a pussy knowing full well you could be fertilizing a gelatinous Mommy egg). (On that topic, I will get to the sexy and heinous comments about pregnancy issues waiting in my inbox)

    Bottom line: There is nothing I’ve found more effective when bottoming out on a slut. I’m shocking and awing my Mom every night. Of course, keeping in tip-top shape, bench-pressing the equivalent of two Dad’s, eating right, and having been blessed with massive gonads has something to do with it, but your cum gains alone on this formula work a magic of their own. It’s expensive to buy all the ingredients, so it’s probably best to concoct it when you’re ready to impregnate a loved one. Me, I can’t imagine going three days without it. 
    May you use it in your own sex life, and here’s hoping it’s to cake your Mom’s face in victory, or at least her sexy pair of panties you love. 
    Note: I don’t really keep to a set dose. My body seems to always know what it needs more and less of for that night’s fuck. I wash down the pills with pineapple juice, which keeps my cum fruity and yummy, according to Mom, the best authority if you ever needed one!
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    Yoga is amazing.

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