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    Lisa Ann letting her dress fall down her ass.

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    Lisa Ann licks a lollipop in her sexy lingerie.



    the post you sent is at a very small resolution. the jpeg is so small the captions are completely un-readable even if you click on the image. can you send it to me at a greater resolution? otherwise i can’t reblog it for you. sorry.

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    Mothers & Sons, Unite!

    His deadbeat father’s gone for good
    No good loser shootin’ blanks, good riddance!

    I’m still in my prime— never had reason for precautions
    Now I’m a true mother, mature, ripe and ready

    My strapping handsome son’s all I need
    His potent, young virility
    No pills or condoms will inhibit his seed
    from proving my fertility!

  9. Mother took some persuading.

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