1. check out this guy’s art over at deviantart.com. he draws one helluva MILF.

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    MAKING MASTURBATORS: A boy is never too old to spank for masturbating without permission.

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    Fuck baseball!

    What’s every hung, red-blooded son’s new American dream?
    Having Mom slurp her lips ‘round that slugger swingin’ in your pants
    It’s such ball-bustin’ fun, watching Mom’s ass quiver
    Her plush cheeks bouncing when you mercilessly cock-slam her!

    Nothing beats pounding her clutching cunt, plowing her tight, ripe pussy
    Her Mommy meat-curtains juicy and slick
    Clamping down hard as she creams on your dick!
    And the look in her eyes is amazing gazing up at you
    Urging you on, to bust that nut from your heavy, loaded balls
    Straight onto her cornfed American butt!

    Mom then smiles and says that since Dad will never know,
    Next time you two play, she’ll let you have a go
    And try for the GRAND SLAM
    She’s sure you’ll hit it hard!
    You’ll tag her in her baby-batter’s box
    And when your “slide” home comes in,
    She’ll make sure it definitely isn’t SAFE
    when you shoot your potent seed
    DEEP into her fertile, welcoming womb…

    Apple pie and baseball?
    Sorry, they’ve been replaced
    by a new national sport
    Along with a new, All-American creampie:
    All across the nation sons will be hitting
    the ultimate “homerun” with their Moms
    Blasting their baby-makers home inside their Mothers’ oven…

    Sons & Moms— Play ball!


    another awesome submission from ms-oedipussex

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    “His Mother was drunk again. Dead drunk. Another night of drinking and partying with an endless parade of anonymous men, using their home to party in. Sometimes fucking in HIS bed. Last night he slept in the basement. So this morning when he saw his Mother passed out at the kitchen table he felt she owed it to him. He’d always wanted to anyway. She WAS sexy. He could remember her being such a good and loving Mom, when she was sober. But now he wanted to see what all the fuss was about. He propped his Mother up onto the table and pulled his pants down and was almost surprised to find his cock was already rock hard. As he shifted her panties to the side and slid inside his own mother, it felt warm and inviting. His Mom immediately let out a small groan. “I guess she wasn’t as dead drunk as I thought.” the boy thought to himself. He started pumping harder. His Mother’s head started twisting from side to side as if signaling “NO” but her eyes still closed she blurted out “Yes! Cumming!” Her son feeling the sensation building in his balls and spurned on by the fact he had just brought his Mother, his SLEEPING Mother to orgasm, knew he was close himself and began thrusting his hips furiously. He pounded the now soaking wet pussy he emerged from only a decade and a half earlier with everything he had. Then finally hearing another moan of pleasure from his Mother , he shot his seed deep into her. He came for seemed like a solid minute straight, ejaculating ropey strands of his boy cum into the same woman that gave birth to him. He stood there for a moment collecting himself, enjoying the sensation, the moment, looking down at his Mom half wishing she would open her eyes, but she didn’t. He pulled his pants up, carried his Mother to bed, and made himself breakfast..as usual. As usual except for the fact he had just lost his virginity to his own Mother.


    this was a follower submission sent to me way back when i was under the name grantnomad

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  7. Exhibitionist MILF Mom

    My French friend has sent me more pics of his lover, who loves being filmed getting fucked. Sometimes her son films her, sometimes he films her, and her son just watches. Here are a couple of links to vidoes of her getting blasted with cum:



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    HAPPY FRIDAY! WE MADE IT! -xo Barbara

    p.s. This is the gown by Bob Mackie that my mother refused to let Tony Orlando stand back stage and watch while I performed. 

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  9. 280077s said: Just wanted to say I really liked your latest caption about the mom and son after dad's funeral. I wish there was more quality captions like it. Thanks for sharing it :)

    that was a submission, but thanks.