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  2. "I’d Cap that" (snicker).

    too good not to reblog. nothing like a beautiful girl in devoted cosplay to the World’s Greatest Superhero. yeah, i said it. let the fanboy hate flow.

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  3. wincest-mom-son:

    When dad woke up the next morning, he complained of severe headache and dreamt that a stud fucking mom in front of him.Mom and I thought dad’s dream was crazy, he definitely get insane when he’ll found out that his dream was really….

  4. rudeboy308:

    Scarlet Desire, the hentai manga from Tohru Nishimaki, who loves BBW big titty women (especially moms) even more than I do.  Her son’s sexual feelings for her finally get the better of him, and he forces himself on to her at first.  Eventually, she relents and they become lovers.

    if you’re into Mother-Son incest, Scarlet Desire (especially the first installment) is the gold standard of incest hentai. I highly recommend it. The art is amazing and the realisticly drawn sex scenes are spectacular. The story really demonstrates how a Mother and her son not only make love , but can become lovers. It’s goddamn beautiful. Listen to Rudeboy308 for a change.

  5. 10,000 Followers. Thank you to everyone.

    I’d like to specifically thank the blogger that put me over the top, but judging from their content, i’m guessing they don’t want to be mentioned on a NSFW blog like this one.

    Thank you. To everybody:

  7. this is the greatest thing ever seen on Tumblr. LONG LIVE BIGGERTHANDAD !!!!

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  10. slutbuilder:

    First mother-son fantasy porn, hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more. 

    - S.b.

    this is beautiful

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